Thursday, 1 March 2012

The challenge begins...

The next eight weeks promise to be the most physically challenging that I have ever had.

I was initially thinking of this as being like a roller-coaster ride but that's not right. Roller-coasters are fun because you surrender control and have to stick with it to the end.  This will be much more like the Japanese game show Endurance.  I can always choose to step back when I've had enough.  We'll have to see how far I stay the course(s).

Here's the current version of events...

4th March: Semi de Paris (Half Marathon)
11th March: Scheveningen Zandvoort (Beach Marathon)
18th March: 10k or 10 mile depending

24th March: Eco Trail de Paris (80k Trail)
1st April: Recovery
8th April: Light training
15th April: Paris Marathon
22nd April: London Marathon