Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Advice and Guidance

It's an odd feeling but I've been asked for my opinion and advice on a range of issues around jogging, running and generally getting fit. I don't mind documenting what I've done and what I plan to do.  (No, really!)  It's a whole other thing to advise someone on how they should approach their own training.

I can almost hear my wife asking: "What kind of twisted broken world are we living in when otherwise rational human beings are looking to you for advice?"

Being honest, I am a neophyte.  I started to walk as exercise less than two years ago and it's only been 18 months since I bought my first pair of running shoes.  An expert, I am not.

What I am, though, is analytical and occasionally methodical.  I do a lot of reading and research, distilling out what seems sensible and practical to develop my own plans.  I read widely on a range of subjects.  This includes the stuff you would expect (running magazines and websites) but also I watch for the publication of scientific research papers (not just tech geekery stuff) and sift through places like the twitterverse and FB for the nuggets of information that can be had from the sea of data.

It's flattering just to be asked but I'm not sure I have the range of experience to be suggesting to others how they should structure their fitness plans.

Instead, I'm going to cobble together a series of posts summarising my own progression and explaining how I've put together my own training plans, adapted them to circumstances and whether they've been successful.  It'll be unstructured, sporadic, messy and incomplete but those who know me will see that as a signature of anything I turn my hand to.

Watch this space...