Saturday, 19 May 2012

A week of rest

Following the beautiful but exhausting Mont St Michel marathon, I've been a total slacker. My excuse is "listening to what my body tells me" and essentially it's been saying "Let's have a break."

Finally felt good today so I went for a little run.  I planned to keep the distance down to  seven or eight km but I felt  fresh at each of the decision points on the way round.  In the end, I covered 12k which is a nice way to get back into things.  A few hours later and I'm not feeling it too much so I should be able to get into a decent rhythm pretty quickly. 

After all, I've only two weeks until the next one at Sauternes.  I got my confirmation letter through the post which is so quaint.  It's their second year and, although last year was too early for me to try a run of that distance, I'm looking forwards to going this time.  It's even more local than the M├ędoc (already booked for early September) and seems to have a similarly boozy style to it.  I expect it to be a much more cosy affair, though, with less than 350 runners signed up so far.

I'm going to try to fit two more in before the summer pause.  The likely candidates are one in a marsh and one in the mountains.  More on those when I decide how to proceed but if I can, that will see me back on target for 12 marathons this year even after missing out on Apeldoorn due to the snow in February.