Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ready for the next one...

It's two-and-a-half weeks since the London Marathon and tomorrow, we are setting off for Mont St. Michel where I am running the marathon on Sunday.

I'm hoping to feel better about this over the next few days but the fatigue from an intense March/April isn't past yet.  I've only been for a handful of runs since and although I've been far from exhausted by these 10-12k outings, I haven't felt strong either. 

I went for a gentle 10k today, running without looking at any of the tech as I went.  It was an effort to keep the pace steady and when I looked on my return it was much slower than I had expected.  I'm actually glad about this as, had I been monitoring the gizmos, I'd have felt like pushing and I really wanted to "run from within" on this one.

The only run I'll be doing before Sunday's event will be a 3k jog on Saturday morning.  This is an essential part of my carb-loading strategy.  If it works well, this will be the third time in a row and I'll make a detailed post about it.

So the next few days hold the prospect of a lot of driving, making some new friends (we're visiting some people my wife knows) and generally relaxing.  The weather's looking dry and sunny without being too hot or windy so that bodes well.  The challenge for me, if I'm still fatigued, will be to make the cut-off points in the time allowed.