Friday, 13 April 2012

Challenging Behaviour

This year, I have set myself two Challenges:

  1. Complete an Ultra-Marathon Trail race.  Job done here with the 80km EcoTrail de Paris in March.
  2. 12 in '12.  I want to complete 12 marathons this year.  I'd hoped to be further along by now but the heavy snows that gripped much of northern Europe meant I couldn't get to the first one I had planned.  The count so far is two:  The EcoTrail above (Yeah, it counts.) and Scheveningen-Zandvoort.  If I can get Paris and London done, that will get me back on track.  It's quite a leap just a year on from my first half-marathon and barely six months after the first full one but I hope I can see this through.  We shall see...