Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DIY Energy Bars

I really don't like energy bars.  I understand what they're for but the commercially available products all have at least one flaw.  The primary one is that most of them taste awful.  Some of them do taste kind of alright but then they either get packaged at Fort Knox (impossible to get into with cold or wet hands), have the consistency of either rubber or muesli, make you super-thirsty, have an ingredients list giving more chemical compounds than foodstuffs or all of the above.

In addition, I have the Trail de Paris coming up and it's supposed to be "semi-autonomous" meaning I have to carry some of my supplies round the course.  Having something cheap, reliable and predictable sounds like a good plan to me.

I figured it would be hard to do worse, so I had my first go at making some of my own.  The ingredients are Peanut Butter, Honey, Oats, Vanilla Sugar and Salt.  When (if) I get the recipe fine tuned, I'll be sure to post it here but for now I'm actually pleased with the results.  I have chopped the resulting slab into small bars that are pretty dense, wrapped in cling-film and weighing in at 225 kCal each.

I tried some tonight and so far, so good. Not as nutty as I hoped so perhaps smooth peanut butter next time.  I also think I need to cook lower and slower as they were a little overcooked..

Will be trying them at a few events over the coming weeks to see how they hold up in the field.