Friday, 1 February 2013


After over two months off, I'm now about a fortnight  into my return to regular running.  Predictably, there's good and there's bad...

The good is that it seems my endurance hasn't suffered as much as I had feared.  I can still get out there and run for a couple of hours without grinding to a halt.

The bad is that my pace has been destroyed.  I barely edge above 8 kph now compared to the 10 to 11 I was managing this time last year.

Well, no matter.  I will continue to build the volume of running back to where I want it and then adjust what I'm doing to get some speed-work into the mix.

To give me a fixed goal, I now have a confirmed place on the 80k EcoTrail de Paris.  Actually, I'd love to do the sister event in Brussels at some point but we shall have to see what happens.