Thursday, 6 September 2012

A new Charity Challenge

I'm not going to let a failed challenge keep me from moving forwards.  So, what better remedy than to set myself another one.

I'll be raising money along the way for Amnesty International in memory of my running mentor Malcolm.  He was an ardent support of Amnesty's work in supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The 5x50 Challenge is going to be my new running focus for the next couple of months.  It's a mass participation charity fundraiser where you commit to a daily run, walk or cycle of at least 5km for 50 days.  An end to excuses and "not really fancying it".  Just getting out there and running (for me) every day.

This is an event in which anyone can participate.  Get on the site and sign up

Although Day 1 of the Challenge is on Sunday 9th October, I'm starting on Day 0 with the Marathon du Medoc in France.  We're expecting temperatures of 32C (90F).  And I'll be in Fancy Dress.  So that should be a gentle way to get going with this 50 day challenge.

On the penultimate day of the Challenge, I'm doing the Preston Guild Marathon in the UK so 5x50 runs pretty much between these two races for me.   No rest days and I'm not going to decrease my usual training schedule to compensate, I'm going to add in these extra 5k sessions.

I'm looking forwards to getting started with this although Saturday seems very close all of a sudden...