Wednesday, 26 September 2012

5x50 Day 18: Hill Sprints

Getting back into some kind of running routine now.  The M├ędoc really knocked me for six.  It's over two weeks on and I'm only just getting it together again.

Today, I went out for a hill sprint session, covering 6.8k in total.  After a mile or so of warm up jog, I did 10 reps of 100m sprint up a stony 5% gradient, jogging slowly afterwards until my heart rate and breathing settled down.  Then another mile jog as cooldown.

5% doesn't sound much but it really makes the whole thing harder.  My 100m "sprints" take just under 30 seconds and this is flat out effort for me, though.  I really am pushing as hard as I can.  What's encouraging is that my recovery is down to a under 2 minutes between reps.  It was around 3 minutes when I first started.  The reps themselves aren't getting any quicker but my level of fitness seems to be improving a little. 

For good measure, I also threw in 8.5k of cycle riding taking my youngest daughter to/from her friends' house