Thursday, 20 September 2012

5x50 Day 12

Today was supposed to be a dual sports days with a bit of proper running.  It turned out to be anything but. 

The plan was to cycle over to a friends' house where the horses are stables, run 10k with the horses (+riders) and then cycle back.

The reality was a sedate cycle over as I knew I was going for a run.  Then a long-ish walk to the start of the run due to roadworks on the shorter route.  Then, 200 metres into the run one of the horses had a hissy fit and I walked back accompanying them to be sure all was well.  Finally, a seriously slow cycle back to keep an eye on #1 daughter who has confidence issues on the road.

Net result:  9k cycling, 5k walking.  All at pretty much zero effort. 

Planning to have another go tomorrow although a frosty evening with the wife may mean I'm flying solo...