Monday, 2 April 2012

No Man's Land

I'm in a kind of runner's limbo right now.  Not sure if I'm recovering from the 80k or tapering for the next two marathons.  Be that as it may, I set out confidently for a 20k slow run this morning but got back having only done 12k.  Not tired at all but warning aches in the right hip and left knee made me very wary of pressing onwards.

Yeah, this "listen to what your body tells you" thing is what I try to do. So today's session was cut short to avoid making problems for myself.

This should be the easy part, right?  In the previous 5 weeks I ran a half marathon, a marathon and an ultra.  Well, I don't think anything over 20k is ever an easy run so to avoid it turning into an enforced walk, I'll be backing off.  There's a lot riding on the London run in particular as I'm taking the opportunity to raise money to fight poverty in the third world.  Really don't want to let anyone down for that one.

I guess I'll be doing a few short (10-12k) runs between now and the Paris Marathon.And, if push comes to shove, I'll finish them both if I have to crawl round.