Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Eye of the Storm

So here I am, drifting along between the Paris and London Marathons.  I'm supposed to be resting up and replenishing my stores of energy and willpower.  Actually, my kids have been dragging me around Paris which has been a blast and there's not been a dull moment.  But I've been slowly going up the wall wanting to run...

So, today I bundled them off to the zoo with their mum, aunt and granny and I snuck out for a run.  It was great.  Really great.  We're in the Cotswolds visiting family and there are some perfect places to go for a run out here.

I chose the woods around Newark Park Lodge where there a plenty of stony paths and bridleways. I deliberately held down my pace where the incline wasn't doing it for me.  Back for a cold bath (not by choice) and I'm feeling fresh and relaxed.  Still a little ache in the hips but nothing serious so it seems I escaped Paris pretty lightly after all.  Actually, it just occurred to me that I didn't trip, stumble or fall (Mamas and Papas reference) in the City of Light which is a bit of a result for me.

Back to resting (and more carb-loading) before London with just a two or three kilometre slow jog on Saturday to do.