Friday, 6 April 2012

Back on my feet

After four days with an upset stomach, I'm starting to feel normal again.  Yes, my wife and kids got over it much quicker and the accusations of malingering and laziness have been hanging over me like a cloud of shame.  So, with all that behind me (hopefully), I now have a bit of a situation.

Theoretically, I should be tapering towards the Paris Marathon right now but, actually, I've run only once in the last eight days.  I need to tread carefully here, balancing getting back to basic running form while not overdoing it before the big event.

I'm going to try the following:  Short, gentle runs over the next few days building up to about 10k by Tuesday.  Then just one slow (8k?) run on Thursday and my usual 3k loosener on Saturday before the main event on Sunday itself.  If I don't feel like running on a given day, I'll go for a gentle cycle ride instead.

There are two other things I'm doing:

Firstly, abandoning any time targets for Paris.  I'll just have a nice jog around the beautiful city, taking in the sights.  The last two visits there for running were in other parts of town or in the dark.  That way, I preserve my chances of finishing in London the week after.

Secondly, taking even more care with food over the next ten days.  I'll need to manage a return to normal eating and a transition to carb-loading all over a ten day period.  Softly does it, I think...