Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Too late now.

Been for my last run before the 80k at the weekend:  a very, very slow 7k.  So, that's it then.  All the preparation is done.  Now there's just a few rituals to complete (clipping toe nails, carb-loading, bag packing) and three days of going over and over all the things I could (should!) have done better...

I haven't done as many miles as I wanted to, that's for sure.  Mind you, that's always the case for me.  I do agonise over every session I miss and, even when it's -15 outside and there's a foot of snow, I feel guilty for missing a session.

I haven't done as many long runs as a I wanted, either.  Most especially the Apeldoorn marathon which I missed because of the snow I already mentioned.  I've done quite a few 20k+ sessions but the only marathon I've done since December was two weeks ago.  And that didn't exactly go well.

I haven't done the variety of training that I planned.  Too few hill sessions.  Look, I've been in central Belgium.  There just aren't any.  Too few interval sessions and that really is down to sloth on my part.

Well, too late now.  Can't actually do any more as I need to rest before the weekend.  I'll have to occupy the hours brooding over mistakes and worrying about the race itself.

Now that, I can do.  :)