Thursday, 15 March 2012

Learning to Run, Step 2: More Walking.

Weeks 7 to 10.

Bet you thought we were done with this?  Well, fear not!  This phase is relatively quickly done. 

Now that walking is becoming a habit, it's time to do some Walking For Exercise.  What's the distinction?  Well, this is deliberately walking at a faster pace 3.5-4 mph (5-6 kph).  Keeping up with the three times a week walking from Part 1, either add two sessions a week or extend two of the ones you're already doing.

Initially 15 minutes of quick walking building up over a couple of weeks to half an hour.  Then keep this up for the whole phase and you'll see that by the end of the fourth week (Week 10 in our time-line) you'll be feeling pleasantly refreshed by these sessions.