Thursday, 8 March 2012

Learning to Run, Step 0: Where to start?

I'm going to put together a Step-by-Step (pun intended) Learning to Run series.  While I hope it's some use to someone out there, it will also be a kind of retrospective on how I got to the point of being an actual runner.

The caveat here is that I am not an expert.  Nor am I a personal trainer.  In fact, I'm just a computer geek who got out of his chair and started running.  There's no magic wand, no trickery, no miracles.  And I don't guarantee (or even expect) this is will create the formula for success for anyone else.  I'm not selling anything.  I'm not building a client list.  I just wanted to share.

So, anyway, here it is:

If you're a total couch potato (as I was) start with Step 1 (coming soon), otherwise you can go to Step 2.  I have no idea whether the pacing for any of this is "right" but I went from Step 1 to finishing a marathon in just over a year.  I began with some walking at the end of August 2010 and completed a marathon in early September 2011.

If you do other sports but want to add running to your activities, you'll be able to pass directly to Step 3.  You'll get a lot of benefit from any aerobic fitness you already have but you'll have to teach your body to deal with a different kind of exercise.

And remember:  Any errors, mistakes or misjudgements are mine.  Any achievements will be yours and yours alone.  Progress into running doesn't just happen; you make it happen and no one else gets a look in.  You should be proud of what you get done. 

Comments, suggestions, corrections and improvements will be most welcome.

If I can help just one person along the way, that would be very pleasing.  If it's you, please tell me about it.