Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shifting Definitions

I'm fascinated by the way that we continually redefine things as a result of our own experience.  Specifically for now, let's look at my understanding of what it means to be fit.

About two years ago, I decided I really needed to do something about being so unfit.  I took no exercise and spent both work and leisure time sat in front of a computer or a TV.  So I started to do a little walking with the goal of getting to/from work without being exhausted.  A few months later, I had that sorted.

So was I now fit?  Nope.  I was less unfit.  And I turned my attention to the joggers I would see as I walked past the park every day.  I joined their ranks with the goal of being able to jog for an hour without stopping.  Again, a few months pass and the attempt is a success on New Year's Eve 2010 as it happened.

So now was I fit?  Nope.  But I was, once again, a bit less unfit than before.  Now I really reached for a goal and decided to try to complete a Marathon but as a sub-goal entered a half-marathon three months later which I completed.  Just.

Still not fit.  So as per the plan, I got a place on a Marathon in September.  And to date I've done three marathons with a fourth making up part of my training plans for an 80k.  And still, I don't think of myself as being fit.  Just not as unfit as I was.

If you'd asked me two years ago whether I thought someone who could finish a marathon was fit, I'd have offered up a bemused "Yes" in reply.  But in the meanwhile, I've been spending time around people in massively better condition than I am.  People I do regard as being fit.

Um, rambling now.  So, I guess, in conclusion I may never get to a point where I think I'm actually fit but I'm certainly making progress in that direction.

Will I ever get there?  Probably not.