Sunday, 19 February 2012

Leopoldsloop, Watervliet

In their second event this year, the Krekenlopers St Laureins organised runs at 6k, 12k and 27k distances.  Miraculously arriving in good time, I entered the 27k.

The course for this was an extension of the 12k I did here last month.  More variety of surfaces with the wetter weather meaning some parts were quite muddy.  Still very flat throughout.  Unfortunately, most of the run was alongside a single, straight canal and this was rather dull on the way out, becoming tedious on the way back.

The weather was cool (8C/46F) and the light rain quickly stopped. The run itself was a good one and, rather than starting fast and fading badly at the end, I managed a much more even pace across the whole distance.  When I stopped, though, everything hurt.  I guess I was just about to hit The Wall that I have heard so much about.  The worst of it passed in about 20 minutes leaving more than the usual aches and pains after a long run.

Better though, was the fact that I didn't come last in this one.  No, there were two little old ladies right behind me the whole way jabbering away in heavily accented Flemish.  The two little old men that had been with them surged ahead around the 18k mark and were out of sight completely when I finally crossed the line.

Hot soup and sweet tea were very welcome afterwards and, once, again the marshalling had been excellent.  The atmosphere at the club afterwards was also very friendly and I was sorry to leave.