Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dividing the work

My wife (Helen) and I are working together on our London Marathon project.  It's certainly turning out to be a great way to bring both of our interests together in ways we didn't expect, combining my new hobby of running with her passion for animal welfare.  In case you missed the previous announcement, we're raising money for World Horse Welfare.

Actually, each of us thinks the other one is doing the hard part.  Helen takes the role of "Person Who Actually Gets Things Done" and has already got me organising a fund-raising page, resurrecting my twitter feed, reaching out to my social network (whatever that means).  In addition to overcoming my inertia (which she calls laziness), she's sorting also out photos, promoting the fund-raising effort off-line and generally mobilising what I can only refer to as the "Horse Mafia" in support.

Me?  I just do a bit of running.  And then a bit more running.  Followed by...  Oh, you get the idea, right?

And for the record:  I love her dearly.  Happy Valentine's Day!