Saturday, 21 January 2012

Les Relais Givrés, Brussels

The Relais Givrés is the first relay event I've taken part in.  And it was a very welcome distraction from being unable to go home this weekend.  Another part-race, part-festival thing, there were thousands of people there.  Essentially, there's a 4k trail loop and (in teams of five) each member does 8k and then you all do 4k at the end as a group.  I took the last running position as 12k in a single go is a decent training distance.

The weather was unexpectedly warm for January at 11C (52F) and mostly dry.  Due to the rain over the previous week, there was plenty of mud but the very worst areas had been laid with woodchippings so it could have been worse.  By the time I went out, it was pretty treacherous underfoot and I fell on the first lap.  I slowed down a little and concentrated on enjoying the scenery rather than trying for a good pace.  The last lap was great, going round with my four team mates.

3k from the end it started to rain but it wasn't until the last kilometre that the heavens really opened.  Thankfully, we were all warmed up by this point so it was just unwelcome rather than seriously unpleasant.

I would have liked to stop for the celebrations (25th anniversary of this event) but I have a 15k tomorrow in Oostende that was delayed by a storm a few weeks back.  Need to rest up the toe I hurt when I fell and to get ready for tomorrow.