Saturday, 14 January 2012

Leopoldsloop, Watervliet

In January and February every year, the Krekenlopers St Laureins organise several races.  At this, their 23rd meeting, there were runs at 6k, 12k and half marathon distances.  I had intended to enter the latter but delays en route meant I had to make a choice between rushing through registration and preparation for the half marathon or taking my time to get on the 12k.  I opted for the 12k course, telling myself I could always do a jog tonight to make up the additional distance for my training plan.  Yeah, right.

Turns out this was a good plan as the 12k was a lot of fun.  The course was flat, fast and the marshalling was great.  The conditions were ideal, cold and dry, and I made great time.  In fact, I did this 12k in almost exactly the same time as the 10km d'Uccle last year.  Very satisfying.

Much to my own surprise, I actually did go for another jog of about 8k when I got back this evening.