Sunday, 18 September 2011

24 Uur van Welle

Totally overdid it with this.  Too soon after the Medoc Marathon, it started badly as we were only three.  Myself, Dirk and Hendrik.  Dirk is predominantly a middle distance runner, much more focused on speed than endurance but also having enormous drive.  Hendrik is a much more accomplished and experienced distance runner than me, thank goodness and I sit somewhere in the middle, very much the slowest of the three.

Fortunately, we were joined for three hours of the graveyard shift by Lev without whom I certainly wouldn't have made it to the end.  I ran more than 62k over the whole event and, though it was enormously satisfying, I crashed hard and didn't enjoy the last few hours at all.  This is no reflection on my team, our supporters or the event itself, just me pushing myself too far.  Again.