Saturday, 23 July 2011


This was all a bit of a shock.  I really need to start looking before I leap.

First trip to an event on the motorbike which was both fun and stressy as I have no satnav.  For a nice change, I made decent time through the rain to the event.  The weather cleared up a bit during registrations and I was well settled as we started.

And then the fun started.

After about 200 metres, we were out of the town and in the forest.  The first 11.5 km are mostly uphill and the latter half is down again.  The trails were just that:  trails.  Not paths but rocky, muddy, loose, and unpredictable.  And it was great.  I quite enjoyed the challenge of keeping going uphill but realised that I really dislike running downhill.  I feel out of control and fear I could fall at any moment.  Gonna have to work on that for certain.

It was a long, tough run but very satisfying to finish.  The Heath-Robinson showers were very welcome.  Very welcome, indeed.  Really didn't enjoy the ride back, though, as the rain came down hard and the light faded all too quickly.  Ah, the summer in Belgium.