Sunday, 10 July 2011

Diksmuide Ijzersterk

A half marathon that I got to with scant minutes to spare.  As usual.  Bit of a panic to get the dossard and find the start.  Then I kind of noticed how serious everyone looked so I positioned myself way at the back of the pack.  Listening in on a couple of conversations, it seemed that I had entered myself in one of the official events of the Flemish championships.  Fortunately, there were a few other neophytes around and I made sure I was somewhere near them.

The course was by-and-large very flat and the weather was lovely.  Starting out in the beautiful streets of Diksmuide, we soon got out into the countryside and mostly ran along canal banks.  A few stretches of road along the way and as the day continued, the heat really began to build.  Over the last few kilometres, I got my second wind which was a completely new experience and made running past the pillboxes and historic other emplacements along the way very enjoyable.

The finish was at the Ijzertoren which is a museum/memorial from the wars.