Sunday, 15 May 2011

10km d'Uccle

This was fun.  Had a stressful start as I got there a bit later than I intended.  Anyone that knows me well will know that this is not exactly unusual.  There were more people here than I expected and after rushing over from the car and grabbing my dossard (race number).  And then I discover that they are out of safety pins.

I didn't realise that these are such an important part of the runners toolkit but how else are you going to put your race number on your shirt?  In the end, I had to carry mine which was an unwelcome distraction.

The race itself was really enjoyable, beginning with a lap around the old horse racing track and then out into the streets of Uccle.  The hills took me a bit by surprise and I guess I need to work on that in my training.  Too much of my training is done on the flat.

I reckon I was done in about 1 hour and 10 minutes which is, frankly, disappointing.  It's slower than my 10 km time for the Semi two months ago.