Monday, 7 March 2011


After the Semi de Paris, I have enormous blisters on my right foot.  This is not (just) because of the distance run, the furthest I have ever done.  And it certainly isn't because of my shoes.  No, I blame myself.  And here's why:  I didn't take advice I was given.

Yup.  Plain and simple.  But I didn't just ignore one bit of advice, I ignored three.
  1. Make a training plan and stick to it.  Yes, I know that sometimes things happen that make this impossible but, honestly, nothing did.  I just slacked off.  And that meant that rather than enjoying the whole thing, the last quarter of the race was very unpleasant.
  2. Change nothing on race day.  You'd think this would be simple, no?  Part of the blistering may have been due to me wearing some brand new sports socks which, now I come to look at them, are not all that soft until they get washed.  Duh.
  3. Calluses are your friends as long as they are under control.  And now we go back to my fabulous dawn run on a Thai beach.  And all that fine sand.  That wiped away the calluses from my feet and left them soft.  And tender.  Oops.
 Silly boy...