Monday, 21 February 2011


How do people do it?  Running on a treadmill, I mean.

I tried this for the very first time today.  I'm on holiday in Thailand and we are staying with friends in the capital, Bangkok.  Essentially it is either too hot to go jogging or too humid.  Or both.  But their building has a gym with airco and a couple of treadmills so I thought I'd give it a go.

I just couldn't get on with it.  The pace seems unnaturally fast even when it's actually slower than I'm used to and the invariance was quite difficult to get to grips with.  You know, the way the machine determines how much effort you make rather than me deciding how fast I want to go.

But the worst thing, really, was that it is just so dull.  Even with TV/radio/music.  It's just running on the spot in a cellar.  I guess if it works for you, great.  For myself, this would have to be a total last resort.