Monday, 6 September 2010

Getting Started

Generally, I am not a happy bunny.  Life is good, the family is healthy and all is well with work.  But, basically, I am a lazy git.   As a result of years (decades, actually) of self-neglect, I am now also rather overweight.  According to the BMI scale (NHS site), I am well into Obese territory.  The numbers are that I'm 1.89m tall (6'2") and weigh in at 128kg (281 lbs).

So, what to do?  Well, I do love my food.  And I struggle to diet.  And I eat when I'm bored.  And I get bored easily.  (Low attention span.  I know, OK?)  So I guess if I won't take in less, I have to do more.

What I do work well with is goal setting.  And breaking down big (seemingly impossible?) targets into small parts and taking them one at a time.  So I need a big goal that I can get to in small steps.

I have a dream:  One day I will complete a Marathon.  More jogging than running but I will get there.

And I'm not telling friends/family what I'm up to yet.